Alternative careers for men and women in Pakistan

Young men and women at times have good basic education but not a specific skill that will endear them to an employer. They graduate, many with good grades and start applying to jobs. Not many are successful and they start getting frustrated. They think employers only hire if you have some connection.

You can’t really blame the employer. Try to understand what he is looking for? He is looking for an educated person with skills that can make him productive very soon. If he has to train you in everything, that will take way too much time.

What to do?

Get educated in a profession that you think you will like. For example, if you think you may be a good fit in the hospitality industry, get educated in hotel management. There are several good courses as listed at

Once you get your diploma, you can now approach an employer with confidence and show him that you have skills and education in his specific industry and may be a thing or two that he wasn’t even aware of.

So go get educated in a field of your liking and start earning good money.

Good Luck!

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