Effective Writing

Effective writing is paramount in all times, from student life to retirement, from writing for your course assignment to writing a business letter, report, a journal, a novel, and so on.

Whether you hand write, or with the word processor, or blending both, the effective writing skills come in the selection of words and sentence construction in a logical and cohesive way,
keeping in consideration that no one is offended, ridiculed, or belittled, and yet a complete message is conveyed eliciting the required action or thought from the reader.

Whether you are planning to write a Business Proposal, a Report, a Memo, or a letter; effective writing is going to take its place first. It is the base of what you are going to write and how to
organize your sentences.

Check our calendar for the course dates or simply email us on info@dallas-international.com

If you would like us to write for you, we can provide that service to you under our Consultancy project.

There will be one training at the end of every month. So far there are five training, and we will circulate them more than once to fill a year. We can tentatively place the last Saturdays of every month for Training Program.

Training are Rs 6,500 per day. Two days training will be Rs 13,000/-