Finance for Non-Financial Professionals

What the numbers really mean?

Businesses or organizations perform as a whole with various department heads such as Production, R&D, Marketing, Personnel, and Finance.

In order to understand what is being said or done regarding Accounting and Finance is understood by those who are not from the Finance Department.

You will need to understand the Financial Implications of certain actions and Financial State of the organization that you are working for. How certain actions can adversely or auspiciously affect the organization and its stakeholders.

You will be oriented with four to five commonly used Financial Statements and some ratio analysis along with some foundational Accounting concepts and records of transactions.

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There will be one training at the end of every month. So far there are five training, and we will circulate them more than once to fill a year. We can tentatively place the last Saturdays of every month for Training Program.

Training are Rs 6,500 per day. Two days training will be Rs 13,000/-