Grant Proposal Writing for NGOs

Grant Proposal Writing is usually more complex than writing a Business Proposal. The Development Sector is quite dynamic due to the varying degrees of social, demographic, infrastructure and policy aspects.

Increasingly funding or donor agencies are looking for integrated and sustainable approach to development projects keeping in view their own policies and agenda. This means that you will have observe to what extent your project supports and supplements previous activities (if any), and is designed and aligned with Donors and Beneficiaries interests to overcome the identified outcomes.

An important part of this course is LFA i.e. Logical Framework Analysis, which will also be discussed in detail.

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If you would like us to write a Grant Proposal for you, we can provide that service to you under our Consultancy Project.

It will start first with initial emailing and later a Skype chat leading to a face-to- face meeting if geographically possible.

There will be one training at the end of every month. So far there are five training, and we will circulate them more than once to fill a year. We can tentatively place the last Saturdays of every month for Training Program.

Training are Rs 6,500 per day. Two days training will be Rs 13,000/-