Report Writing

Report-Writing short course enables you to apply the tools and techniques to make your report look essential and professional using graphs, charts, and highlighting the necessary sections and sub-sections in sequential order.It is an easy-to- learn course but highly useful if practiced regularly. It can certainly give the participants an edge in presenting routine and non-routine reports to their peers, sub-ordinates, bosses, governing bodies or any other stakeholders.

Project Report, Financial Report, M&E Report, Feasibility Report, Investigative Report, Research & Development Report, Sales Reports, and so on are some forms of Reports.

The Report-Writing short course is made to help you gain that one extra skill to upgrade your skill set and earn those that extra score in job interview, job retention, or career advancement. It can also help entrepreneurs to get better findings about the activities of their department or enterprise.

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If you would like us to write a report for you, we can provide that service to you under our Consultancy project.

There will be one training at the end of every month. So far there are five training, and we will circulate them more than once to fill a year. We can tentatively place the last Saturdays of every month for Training Program.

Training are Rs 6,500 per day. Two days training will be Rs 13,000/-